Sarah Martin

Sarah has lived a life of contrast hailing from South Africa, she had constant artistic influence around her. This beautiful landscape however was in juxtaposition to an emotionally repressed upbringing this would become the basis for Sarah’s need to express herself visually.

Sarah was constantly traveling in her childhood around South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Central Southern Africa in these places she gained a unique insight into the world and the negative aspects that we in a privileged society often chose to overlook.

The raw aspect of Africa’s harsh landscapes and bright natural lighting have no doubt, had a deep influence on Sarah’s work. Martin uses a truly raw approach to the creation of her art, using bitchumen in conjunction with dye’s, oils, and acrylics to create stunning believably natural forms.

At 12 Sarah moved to the UK, this move was a huge change in her life and she began to gain the influences of Impressionism that changed drastically the direction her art would take.

Sarah had always created art in some form or another but when she was 14 she met John Luce Lockett who became something of a father figure. John also trained her in the art of painting with oils this again added a new perspective to her craft.

Martin began to paint more constructed works with more classic elements yet her African influences continued to shine through. Her backgrounds seep into her foreground with aspects of her subjects beginning to merge with the deep tones and often chaotic imagery.

In Lieu of a formal degree in art Sarah decided instead to hone her craft by working with John. The feeling to break from traditional education came from a frustration with the way that art is taught in schools. She became infuriated with the controlled way that her teachers told her to explore what is essentially a craft based on true freedom of expression.

The choice not to train in a formal manner but instead be taught by a master of the craft allowed Sarah’s work to become what it is today. With a solid understanding of the technical aspects of painting alongside the deep influence of the culture she was raised in, Martin’s art is what happens when African influences meet expressionism.

Sarah Continues to work with mixed materials and is currently working on a range created using bitchumen mixed with various dyes and oils.

“As the artist I prefer to allow the human mind to be as free as possible- during creating the work and after hanging as it’s viewed.” – Sarah Martin


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