Laying Down By John Luce Lockett

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Laying Down, 2012

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

This Johns last painting before his passing in 2014.

After John passed away in 2014 Billy and his mother started to look through his collection to see what works they would want to have on the wall. In amust the cache was this work of one of john’s ex partners “Vica”.

Just before John’s passing he was very enamored by Vica however it seems the feeling was not requited and she caused John lots of heartache. After finding the work Billy and his mother decided to hang the work despite the connotations it implied.

A few days down the line the nail the work was on snapped and the work feel from the wall and cracked a water pipe which promptly flooded the house. This occurrence is strange given that the work was hang in a brick wall with a nine inch nail.

After this they tried to rehang the work but it kept falling as if John’s spirit was protesting the artwork being hung after the heartache the subject had caused him.










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