Paloma Bailey

Paloma grew up in South West England, in a small town called Tavistock. Her name is derived from the Latin word “Palumbus”, which means “Dove” or “Holy Spirit” and Paloma Lola Bailey has truly assimilated these qualities into her life.

Paloma’s paintings show us the difficulty of remaining uncorrupted in this world. The works featured center upon aspects of deep, personal angst. All artists draw from experience, but with Paloma we find these accentuated. Struggling with a confined education system, Paloma would leave school soon after A-Levels in order to forge her own path in the world.

With clear influences from Francis Bacon and Picasso, she finds comfort in the desperation of the human condition. She would tell you that these paintings are a representation of what she saw in the people closest to her. Painted in oils, scored with emotion.
Paloma has recently had three children; Samir, Sofia and Isabella, who her latest work is inspired by. They depict her children whilst still in the womb, bringing beautiful vibrancy to their most vulnerable state.