Albert E Dean

Growing up in small sleepy town in Devon, England. One would not think that inspiration would grab hold of Albert as it did.

But that assumption will be quickly dispelled, Dean has always made outlandish and often comical doodles. Alongside these eccentric creations writing books and making lore for his own fantasy worlds was a favourite pastime of deans.

In his early teens Albert’s family moved to a small town in New Zealand. This change to a highly secluded place no doubt would inspire Dean’s next move. At the age of 16 he returned to the UK. Soon after moving to London to chase a musical career. Playing a vast array of different instruments, Dean would soon go onto found Albert E. Dean’s lost sound Orchestra.

Even after beginning to pursue painting full time Albert would never forget his musical roots. Composing musical pieces for various different contemporary dance groups. In 2016 Dean composed a musical piece for Members of the Stuttgart Ballet Company. Which has been the forefront of international dance for more than 50 years. Yet Dean’s creative energy doesn’t stop there. He also writes and acts in two man plays with Matthew Mason. Who has run a stage at Glastonbury since 2013. The duo continue to perform to this day.

Never thinking too deeply of becoming a full time artist until his early 20s Albert decided that it was time to make a change. The moment that he truly realized that you can do whatever you want in the creative field was after he first read books by William S Burroughs. The raw approach to writing inspired him to create his own stories based on Burroughs’s writing style. All the while continuing to make bizarre pictures. Other influences of Alberts would come to include Matisse and the COBRA movement facets of which shine through in his art.

In 2016 Dean, in a moment of pure clarity, decided to take his unorthodox portfolio of drawings to the Chelsea College of art. The college accepted him into a 3 year program without any A-Levels or even an art GCSE. This event speaks volumes to the uniqueness and dark beauty of Alberts work.

The works themselves are a raw and often childlike approach to drawing. Taking inspiration from the era of Basquiat & Warhol while contrasting this with images of Madonna as the Madonna and other popular culture icons.

Albert believes and rightly so that an artist is not defined by the quality of the materials he uses but by the depth of the work he creates. Often opting for the use of low quality poster paint. This creates a bold and unashamed collection of works that others can only but wonder at the mindset of the creator.

Albert currently resides in south London. However taken in by the beauty and freedom of the capital of Portugal, Lisbon has made plans to make a move there in the near future.