About us

Quite Useless was formed by Sascha Bailey, Jack Daniels Thompson, Mimi Nishikawa and Ronald Briceno back in 2015. We hit the ground running with a string of events at London’s premier light based art gallery and members bar “The Lights of Soho” entitled “the cavalcade of creative curiosities”. From there we have continued to break new ground with exhibitions in central London such as the maverick Expo.

In 2017 we gained international recognition curating the exhibition “Baileys Icons” in Tokyo, Japan. David Bailey’s first exhibition on the Asian peninsular in conjunction with Paul Smith.

Quite Useless’s main art manger, Sascha Bailey hand picks the top emerging Talent sourced from around the globe. The criteria for selecting our artist is rigorous, we will only work with those who we believe have received in depth training in some form or another. Be it training with an old master Like John Luce Lockett as Sarah Martin did, or training in graffiti on the streets of London or Paris like Ollie Sylvester or Vincent Dacquin.

The other criteria is honesty art is nothing, if it’s not honest. The artist must have a need to create nothing else can satisfy their creative hunger. If one is talented enough to become one of our artists we work tirelessly to help them develop and manage their creative vision while maintaining the essence of their craft.

In our modern world art is become less honest and more about pure commercialism. This is wrong and we have already gone a long way to move contemporary art in a more wholesome and less vacuous direction.
Our mission statement is simple nothing short of a total overhaul of the art world. We have covered a vast amount of ground already but we are just getting started.


for sales contact: sascha@quiteuseless.uk (+447766240589)

Our Team 

Founders & Directors:

    Ronald Briceno

    Head Videographer and Assistant Curator

    • Location: LONDON U.K.

    Sascha Bailey

    CEO,Founder and Director

    contact: sascha@quiteuseless.uk

    mob: 07766240589

    • Location: LONDON U.K.

      Jack Daniels Thomson

      Founder and Creative Director

      • Location: LONDON U.K.